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It's amazing, how things have gone
One minute we're "us"
And the next, it's "you" and "me"
I had the second doubts about this relationship
From the moment I said "Would you?"
Seems fate took a wrong turn at you and me;
And cupid didn't get the memo.
I never meant to hurt you like I did.
I suppose I thought things could be the same, that we could be who we were.
I guess I was wrong.
You fell hard into love,
Didn't you?
Like I did a summer ago.
It hurts,
Doesn't it?
To have that love crushed before you even get a chance to see what may come of it.
So for that reason, I'm truly sorry.
I don't know what went through your mind
As to the reasons of my decision.
You may chalk it up to the influence of someone else;
And that might be true.
There are also reasons in my head as well.
Questions that will forever go unanswered.
But that's all water under the bridge now.
We have to let bygones be bygones;
You only live once
And it's a shame that we couldn't experience it together.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 2 10
everytime I see you with him
I die just a little bit
q u i c k e r

Writing these words make me feelůsomething
Better I suppose
Because I know they're the truth,
No matter how much I try to say they're not.
I'm the kind of kid who gets attached.
Not clingy per say;
But just attached.
Living 14 years of my life as an only child
Has made me the type of person that doesn't like to share
It's one of my faults-
And I
Hate It
It seems to ruin every relationship or good thing I have.
If I could change it, I would.
If not for you, then for me;
To stop this sick feeling of hopelessness and rage,
whenever I see him smile at you with that look;
Or you hug him goodbye just a little too tight.
I feel fucking immature when I ponder it,
But that's me
I can't change it
Or can I?
I really don't know
I just wish my face didn't betray my feelings so well.
I want to be a great actor, because that's safety for me;
Lying about bits and pieces to keep people from know
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 3 12
untitled 9705
I talk to you while you sleep sometimes
I don't expect you to respond
I don't expect you to listen
                          I just talk
I say all things I love about you
I say how much I love being with you
I say how your smile and that twinkle in your eye makes my heart melt
I say how perfect you are in every single way
But I'm shy I guess
You're my everything
And I can only tell you that
When I know you're not listening
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 6 16
untitled 41805
I loved a boy
Even though
Everyone told me it was folly to do so.
I loved a boy
Because he was my everything;
The sun in my sky
And the ground beneath my feet.
I loved a boy
But when the time came,
I lied to that boy
About my love for him,
Because everyone said it was the right thing to do.
I look back at those days,
And wonder why I let him slip away.
Was I scared?
Or was society scared for me?
I loved a boy
But people made me hate him
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 2 18
untitled 5705
the luminescent numbers of my bedside clock
slowly count away the minutes of my life.
it's three in the morning
and I'm wide awake.
I don't sleep much anymore,
or even eat for that matter.
my body knows that I'm dying slowly,
but my mind tells me that I'm more alive than ever before.
my mind was always stupid like that.
memories eat away at me,
like some horrible sickness
that spells out my demise.
I went for a walk to the lake today.
the snow was falling and I was the only one on the beach.
I imagine the water is freezing, it being January and all,
but I don't care.
I wade in
up to my thighs;
the icy cold water biting at my skin.
I once saw an angel give a man wings
and he flew away and was finally free.
I want that
so I lay down in the water
hoping that an angel would come free me
from everything.
as the water rushes over my head
everything goes quiet
and the only thing I can hear is my heart beating in my ears.
I close my eyes,
take a breath,
and wait for my angel to come
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 1 22
Screenshot 5.23.05 :iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 0 6
Sittin' on the cold steel of the balcony ledge
High above the world;
She watches the
Cars and people below her,
Like children's toys to her eyes.
The bitter chill of the midnight wind
Bites at her tear-stained cheeks.
She's alone.
On this balcony,
In this one bedroom apartment,
In this life,
In this world.
And she can't take it anymore.
Taking a deep breath
She stands,
And a thought enters her mind.
"I think I can fly." she whispers.
And she decides to try it tonight.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 10 13
Dawn's light,
Grey stained with peach,
Begins to fill the confines
Of our bedroom.
I've been awake for three hours,
Just lying here in your arms;
Feeling your chest rise and fall
Next to mine.
Sleep doesn't come as easy
As it use to.
I find myself thinking
Of what could be,
What should be,
And what is.
Do I want to be yours?
Tied down to this same routine;
The mind-numbing monotony
Of life.
I'm thinking of leaving you.
But you must know it,
Because every time the thought comes to me
You wake up.
Sleepy blue eyes
Blink once or twice,
And you smile.
"Hey Baby," you whisper.
"Hey", I respond.
"I love you Baby", you say
Closing your eyes,
And holding me tighter-
Like you're afraid to let me go.
I lay still a few minutes,
And wait for your breathing to steady,
And tears begin to well in my eyes.
"I don't know if I love you."
I whisper back.
Crying silently,
I watch the sun rise,
Wondering how long I can live this lie.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 3 9
Midnight Wish
I'm wishin' you were here
To comfort my woes
And bring a smile to my face,
Like only you cane.
But it seems like all my lucky stars
Are wished out.
'Cause you're still there
And I'm here;
Writing a stupid wish on paper...
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 1 6
Life Without You
I'm sittin' here lonely
Thinkin' of old memories
And things I never got to say
To you.
You left without warning
Without a sound.
Bags packed,
And that plane took you away.
People come up to me
"I'm so sorry she left you"
They say.
But I laugh it off
Say, "I'm happier because of it."
Yet still here I sit,
Writing you letters
That the fire only reads.
And crying into my pillow at night,
Watching the sun rise
On my empty heart.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 2 6
Morning After Reflection
The bar lights are low,
And the atmosphere of smoke and sex
Makes my eyes water.
I have a drink;
One too many maybe.
I see you from across the room
And stealing glances my way.
A few more rounds
And three hours later,
Last call rings throughout the establishment.
The tequila from your kiss
Entices me,
And I decide to take a chance on you.
We brush past the door
Locked in a fiery kiss-
Arms up,
Shirt off
And my bed awaits.
A stranger's love has never felt this right.
But morning comes,
And I'm left with a hangover
And an empty bed;
Like always.
And I'm painfully aware
That I could never really replace lost love.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 3 10
I Loved A Boy
I use to go walking all by my
Lonesome, gazing at the stars
Overhead, thinking about you and our
Very first kiss; the one that
Enveloped my senses and left me
Dazed and speechless.  I
Always thought that love would
Bind us together, but that
One February night came all too soon, and
You left me...forever
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 2 17
She Runs
Night falls onto the land; cloaking it in a paralyzing darkness.
She puts on her clothes in the dark,
Careful not to wake him.
She hits the world running
As fast as her feet can take her.
She runs away from him,
From life,
From feeling like a thing and not a person.
Her pace slows
And then stops.
And she turns;
Tears welling in her eyes.
And she walks back-
Back to him,
Back to her life,
Back to that prison;
Because she has nowhere else to run to.
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 2 14
she stares out the window of the grimy diner
not really seeing,
just being.
her sunglasses seem out of place in the dim light.
a slight blackish-blue ring creeps from the confines of her right frame.
jumping at the clattering of a plate from the kitchen,
she looks embarrassed and smoothes her hair down.
i want to save you
but i leave my dollar fifty for my coffee
grab my coat
and leave
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 3 8
Seems like these days
I'm livin' on nothing but coffee and nicotine.
But everyday isn't some fuckin' winding road;
No matter what the song might say.
It's a straight line,
Or at least it is for me.
Life is predictable,
I wake up every morning,
Light a cigarette,
And wonder if I'm going to die today-
Or do I have to suffer until tomorrow?
Sometimes...I break out into fits of hysterical laughter.
And people often ask me why.
And I reply, "Because life is so fuckin' hilarious"
They give me a look, and just...walk away.
I laugh harder
I walk through life
With a nice plastic smile,
Just for shits and giggles.
It'll make everything more hilarious
When people try to ponder
Why someone so happy
Would do such a thing.
The thought makes me laugh
Real hard</i>
Laughing on the outside,
And dyin' on the in.
It's a beautiful thing
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 1 7
I Could Be Dreaming
I could be dreaming;
Making up my feelings for you,
And your presence in my bed.
I'm afraid
That when the sun rises,
You'll be gone-
Like a fog that slowly fades away.
I hold onto you tight,
Clasping my hands around your waist
And I listen to your heartbeat;
Slowly counting the minutes as they go by-
Awake and waiting
For this dream to end
:iconwolfrunner13:wolfrunner13 3 13

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[ r y a n ]
Artist | Literature
United States
A- Age: 15
B - Band: Yellowcard, Something Corporate, and Dashboard Confessional
C - Choice Of Meat: I like favs though
D - Dream Date: Jennifer Garner...but that's just me....
E - Excites You: Friends, life, the world, reading a good book
F - Favorite Food: Greek!
G - Greatest Gift: Family, friends, and life
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: There are a few
I - Internal Conflicts: Procrastination...and trying to "save the world"
J - Jealous: On occassion, yes
K - Kool Aid: OMG!  I had a Kool-Aid stand when I was little...:lol:
L- Love: My friends and family
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: Probably me...he he
N - Name: Ryan GW Grubbs
O - Outfit: Running shorts and a t-shirt
P - Pizza Topping: CHEESE!  Lol....I'll eat other stuff too
Q - Question I Want To Ask: Why do people have to be so closeminded that they hurt their friends and think it's the "right thing"?
R - Roots: Irish, German, European, Indian...basically a mutt
S - Sport To Watch: I watch a little tennis, but I'd rather run then watch
U- U are- A nice umm....okay with life?
V- view- Currently the computer screen...:p
W - Weather: Like whoa sunny
X- xtremly: Tired
Y - Yesterday's Best Meal: Dinner at ze Olive Garden! LOL
Z- Zodiac sign: Leo *rawr*


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